Silk Latex ELF



High-quality, silk-gloss latex paint for highly stressed and hard-wearing interior surfaces. paints. Excellent for coating glass fabric wall coverings. Structure-preserving and free of fogging active substances. High whiteness and good coverage. Resistant to aqueous disinfectants and household cleaning agents.

Wet abrasion resistance:

Class 1 (according to DIN EN 13300)


Class 2 (according to DIN EN 13300)


Silky/Medium gloss (according to DIN EN 13300)


White or tinted


approx. 0.15-0.2 l/m2 per coat

Form of Delivery:

12.5 l/bucket (24 buckets/pallet)
  5.0 l/bucket (64 buckets/pallet)


Cool and frost-free.

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HUMA Silk Latex ELF
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